The introductory speech of President Luciano Piergiovanni.

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlmen, my first words want to be a warm and sincere thanksgibing to the two Universities that are hosting this tenth edition of SLIM, for the first time in South America. Moreover, I express the thanks and gratitude of the entire Scientific Committee of GSICA to Prof. Carlos Fuenmajor, who first believed in this opportunity, and with him to ICTA and to the Faculty Agricultural Sciences, to the Organizing Committee and to all the people involved, at any level, in the management and organization of this edition, which has a special meaning for us. We started this adventure 20 years ago with the intention of offering a forum to researchers and experts involved in food packaging. The opportunity to present and discuss the results acquired in the development of packaging innovations and in the study of shelf life. The first edition of the international meeting took place in Milan in June 2003 and I would say rather ahead of the times if you consider that only 11 years later the giant publisher Elsevier started the publication of Food Packaging and Shelf Life, the scientific Journal which today is the tenth out of 143 in the Food Science category, with a cite score of 10.8 and an IF of 8.75. Finally this year we managed to find an agreement with that prestigious journal that will host a special issue with a selection of the contributions presented in our meeting. It is a great satisfaction for all of us at GSICA, since we believe that this result is a recognition of the scientific value of our 20 years old initiative. For my part, moreover, it is a source of great joy and personal satisfaction to have this emblematic edition of SLIM in Colombia, a Country I am particularly fond of, a country which considers its nature, “la naturaleza”, one of the largest biodiversity on the planet, a wealth and a value to be respected and kept untouched as much as possible. Nowadays, much more than 20 years ago, this must be the goal for whoever do research in packaging. Looking at the programme of this edition it’s clear that this is already true for the majority of the attendees and this as well is a great source of satisfaction. So, trusting that, once again, SLIM might be a nice, fruitful and w enjoyable opportunity for meeting and collaboration, I wish everyone a very good job.