Dr. Luciano Piergiovanni, chairman of GSICA (the Italian Scientific Group of Food Packaging) has been recently appointed “Special Issue Editor” by MDPI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute), a global academic open-access publisher with headquarters in Basel, Switzerland.

We report here below the first Luciano’s letter, drafted under this new important assignment, inviting researchers to share and discuss their results in the Food Packaging Area.

Dear Colleagues,

from the earliest experimental evidences of the effects that nanometric sizes determine on chemical and physical-chemical properties of materials, the packaging industry in general, and that of food packaging in particular, was considered as one of the most useful application of nanotechnology.

There is actually a strong interest in significantly improving the performance of packaging materials, especially flexible ones, in order to improve the protective features of packaging and to increase the overall sustainability of the related industry by reducing the mass of material used and optimising their usage.

Nowadays it is well known that the nanometric scale can lead to relevant advantages in controlling diffusional phenomena such as migration or permeability, in enhancing mechanical properties, and in the modulation of important surface behaviours such as scalping or wettability. Moreover, the finalization of these properties towards functional structures or devices, enables the introduction of active and intelligent concepts into food packages.

However, many technological aspects related to the production of coatings and composite structures have yet to be fully resolved in order to achieve real and useful applications of nanomaterials in the food packaging sector. Beside these issues, furthermore, it is essential to take into account the themes of compliance with official regulations and the safety of food contact materials that contain nanoparticles.

The aim of this special issue is to attract world leading researchers in the Food Packaging area in an effort to highlight the latest progresses, discuss the underlying physics and chemistry of various achievements, and promote effective applications of nanomaterials and nanotechnology in the food packaging field. Contributions dealing with theoretical investigations, experimental verifications, and proposals of real applications will be therefore welcomed to the special issue “Nanotechnology in Food Packaging”.

Luciano Piergiovanni, 20 September 2017

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