Special Issue: 10th Shelf Life International Meeting 2022

The best works will be selected by the committee to be part of a Special Issue in the high impact journal Food Packaging and Shelf Life (Elsevier) (Impact Factor 8,749, ranking 10th out of 143 in Food Science & Technology) dedicated to X SLIM 2022, after a peer review process.

The inclusion in this special issue will be limited to works effectively presented in the conference. The organizing and scientific committees will select potential contributions based on their relevance to the meeting focus, quality, and impact on the field of food shelf life extension and assessment. The selected works will undergo the standard peer review process of the journal, and therefore, the acceptance of the submissions cannot be guaranteed a priori.

Guest editors:

Fabio Licciardello – fabio.Licciardello@unimore.it
Carlos Alberto Fuenmayor – cafuenmayorb@unal.edu.co

Special issue information:

The Shelf Life International Meeting has been, during over two decades, a scientific forum for the presentation and discussion of current developments, trends and future applications on the shelf life of packaged foodstuff, bringing together stakeholders from academia and industry. Its 10th edition (SLIM 2022), Bogotá (Colombia), November 28th to December 1st, is hosted by the Institute of Food Science and Technology (ICTA) and the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Bogotá), in collaboration with the Italian Scientific Group of Food Packaging (GSICA) and Universidad de La Salle.

In this version, SLIM puts a focus on the application of sustainable and safe strategies for shelf life extension, prediction, and assessment, including new materials and emerging technologies.

The aim of this special issue is to gather a curated selection of outstanding works presented in the conference, covering the following topics:

New Technologies for Shelf Life Extension
New Materials for Shelf Life Extension
Shelf Life Assessment and Prediction
Sustainability and Shelf Life
Packaging Materials and Safety Issues

For more information about the SLIM 2022, and the participation modalities for authors, please visit https://slim.gsica.net/