SLIM 2022 – Colombia

Shelf Life International Meeting, for the first time in Latin America
The most important world forum on packaging, preservation technologies and shelf life of food products has reached its tenth edition: the meeting is in Bogotá, Colombia, from November 28th to December 1st, 2022.


SLIM – Shelf Life International Meeting is an international scientific congress dedicated to the dissemination and discussion of current developments and trends in the field of food shelf life, packaging and preservation, which has been previously held in different countries in Europe, Asia and North America, bringing together academy and industry.

An essential rendezvous for academic and industrial stakeholders, SLIM 2022 will be an opportunity to take stock of the present and future of the scientific research and industrial applications in one of the most relevant sectors for the sustainability of the food supply chain, and to debate its impact in topics such as nutrition, health, and environment.

SLIM 2022 is organized by the Institute of Food Science and Technology (ICTA) and the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of Universidad Nacional de Colombia, in collaboration with Universidad de La Salle (Colombia) and the Italian Scientific Group of Food Packaging (GSICA). The 10th edition of SLIM will have a focus on the evaluation, prediction and extension of shelf life through innovative, safer and environmentally sustainable technologies.

As Carlos Alberto Fuenmayor, professor at ICTA and chair of Congress, recalls, «The aim is to promote scientific exchange on the prediction, analysis, and extension of the shelf life of foods, which requires a multidisciplinary approach involving several areas of food science and technology, such as analytical chemistry, microbiology, bioprocessing, packaging, use of emerging technologies, materials science, and physical chemistry. In this context, the congress seeks to promote a conversation between the academic and industrial research, bringing together the innovations and needs of both sectors ».

Recent scientific breakthroughs and significant industrial experiences will find space in the five thematic sessions that will make up the event:

1: New Technologies for Shelf Life Extension
2: New Materials for Shelf Life Extension
3: Shelf Life Assessment and Prediction
4: Sustainability and Shelf Life
5: Packaging Materials and Safety Issues

The keynote speakers are world-wide recognized scientists, leaders in their fields, including Dr. Carol López de Dicastillo of the Center for the Development of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology of the University of Santiago de Chile, Dr. Eva Almenar director of the University of Michigan School of Packaging, Dr. Fabio Licciardello from the School of Food Science at the University of Modena, Dr. Luciano Piergiovanni GSICA president, among others, who will be presenting their recent contributions in the field of packaging and shelf life, joining the group of academic and industrial experts who make up the scientific committee.

The invitation to participate is extended to the entire academic and industrial community interested in research and development in any of the thematic sessions. The deadline for the application of abstracts of scientific contributions in the congress is June 30th, 2022. The best contributions will be invited to be part of a special issue of Food Packaging and Shelf Life (Elsevier), one of the most prestigious scientific journals in food science and technology.

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