Press release GSICA

GSICA regrets to informs all its associated and followers that the scientific group is not anyhow involved in the organization of the second international conference “Food and Beverage Packing” coordinated by OMICS (the international and scheduled from June 13th to June 14th in Rome.

Is mandatory for GSICA to disclose this press release as the association has been informed that some of its steering committee members have been mentioned, without any authorization, in the “Food and Beverage Packaging” organizing team. Most likely details regarding our steering committee members have been withdrawn from universities web sites or social network.

Is GSICA intention to clearly opt out from the above mentioned event stigmatizing the methods in use to convey public attention.

For the sake of clarity is GSICA intention to point our that:

  • GSICA has never authorized the use of its name and logo to promote the “Food and Beverage Packaging” event
  • GSICA has never disclosed its contacts details and key contacts to promote the event
  • Events organized by the OMICS (international is definitely not associated neither sponsored by GSICA.