New logo GSICA

During the redesign of GSICA web site (in a short time on line) the association took the opportunity to restyle its logo to emphasize the growth of the group over the recent years. Here is the new logo





GSICA finds itself particularly satisfied of the result. The logo is now clearer, easily identifiable and with a strong link with the past as GSICA wanted to maintain the distinctive “i wave shape” at the end of the acronym.

Colours are however different from the past, GSICA wanted to highlight its Italian identity also referring to its mission: skilfully represent the Italian research in international contexts. The colour of the letters have been changed from the previous logo in order guarantee better comprehensibility and flexibility when printing on all media.

The logo is very well suited to printing in black and white and it is very clear even in its reduced form:




Both the new logo that the next project web site was designed and developed by Studio Tribbù,