The association organizes workshops for updating on the food packaging issues, scientific conferences on the main themes concerning the interaction food/packaging and other meetings which make the Group and effective reference point for every research issue in the food packaging sector.

Materials & Methods

GSICA periodically organizes a series of meetings called “Materials & Methods”. In these events is introduced a modern methodology analytics, with the participation of a public investigator and an expert/investigator of the private sector.

There will be moreover a phase of practical demonstration with specialistic equipments.

The workshops, are organized from GSICA and the society that supplies the equipments, they will have like topic the materials of packaging and the technical newer and modern analytics, that can help to characterize them.


GSICA organizes a biennial meeting called SLIM – Shelf Life International Meeting. The event is an important meeting occasion for specialists in the field and offers the possibility to weight up the situation of Italian and international scientific research concerning the actual problems connected with food shelf-life.

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