GSICA is in the volume The Interactions of Food Industry and Environment


GSICA always encourages the growth and diffusion of packaging’ s scientific culture, for this reason has written a chapter about Packaging and Food Sustainability, written by Fabio Licciardello and Luciano Piergiovanni published in the volume “The Interactions of Food Industry and Environment” printed by Elsevier Academic Press


This chapter is a focus on the sustainability of packaging and its design, balance between an efficiency in the food’s conservation and the reduction of environmental impact.


See here the abstract:

This chapter presents a deep investigation into the role of packaging within the sustainability of the food chains. In this context, food becomes a key element and the life cycle impacts related to both the packaging and the food, including the food that is not consumed, must be considered. Food waste, in fact, should be taken into great account since, in many cases, its environmental impact is higher than that arising from packaging. The weight of the impact of packaging materials over the total environmental impact of foods is variable, ranging from very low to very high, and this variability determines different suitable actions to undertake for sustainability improvements. The chapter presents various sustainability-oriented strategies based on the improvement of packaging efficiency and effectiveness, i.e. lightweighting, shift to more recyclable materials and to bioplastics, re-design of packaging configuration, adoption of active packaging solutions and potential of nanotechnologies.