GSICA collaborates with the second international student competition FoodFactory-4-Us- 2018

The 2nd international Students competition game is a project addressed to teams made of Master and PhD students in food science and technology and any other food-related study programme.

Every teams from different universities of European and non-European countries will compete on finding the best solutions on one specific process – and/or food-industry- related problem.

This 2nd edition of the students’ competition, organized by GSICA e ISEKI, will be focused on projects dealing with strategies and actions aimed to the enhancement of the shelf-life of foods. We welcome project proposals dealing with formulation changes, innovative processing, biopreservation, use of innovative packaging, as well as innovations in distribution and logistics.

7 June 2018 will be there the final presentation of all the projects at the FoodFactory-4-Us- Final Virtual workshop in presence of industry and multiplayer representatives and nomination of the 2 winning teams.

Participation to the Final Virtual Workshop is open, but registration necessary by clicking this:

Two awards are made available by the two sponsoring organisations for the best two projects/teams:

  • Award of 500 Euro for the best project dealing with innovative packaging, distribution and logistics to improve shelf-life, sponsored by GSICA
  • Award of 500 Euro for the best project dealing with innovative process and formulation actions to enhance shelf-life, sponsored by the ISEKI-Food Association

During the project life-time will be there webinars will be organized dedicated to the registered teams. The next is 11 June as per title “BIOPLASTICS for food packaging: better biobased or biodegradable ?”, presenter Prof. Luciano Piergiovanni, GSICA President.

For more informations and to register click the following link: