First Announcement of SLIM 2017

Ready the eighth edition of SLIM to be held in Bangkok at “The Sukosol Hotel” from 1 to 3 November 2017.

The title of the event is “Emerging Trends in Food Techonology and Packaging for Shelf Life Extension and Sustainability Improvement” and will be organized by Faculty of Agro-Industry of Kasetsart University and to Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau.

The meeting will be divided into 3 sessions:

  • Emerging Food Technology for Shelf-life Extension
  • Shelf-life Assessment and Prediction
  • Packaging techonology and shelf-life

and will be preceded, on October 31, by the pre-conference “Shelf Life of beverage”, organized by SEA-ABT ( South East Asia Academy for Beverage Technology in collaboration with GSICA and IFA.

The first date to remember is the 01 January, call for abstract

The first announcement is available by clicking here or on the official website, which will be fully operational by November 30, 2017

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