Abstract submission deadline March 31st – SLIM 2017

The abstract submission deadline, of the SLIM 2017 scheduled from November 01st to 03rd in Bangkok, is March 31st 2017.

This edition, of title “Emerging Trends in Food Techonology and Packaging for Shelf Life Extension and Sustainability Improvement”, will be a unique occasion for participants to many aspects. It will offer subscribers an opportunity to get to know the South Asian realities, always at the forefront in the food science industry, and will be attended by several prominent personalities in the industry, both as speakers and as authors.

The event will be preceded, on October 31, by the pre-conference “Shelf Life of beverage”, organized by SEA-ABT (South East Asia Academy for Beverage Technology) in collaboration with GSICA and IFA.

More informations are available on web site: www.slim2017.org