Food packaging is a scientific discipline which nowadays draws the attention of many people in the world. Technicians and researchers are committed in the study, setting and application of rigorous, advanced methodologies, aimed at the progress in this field.

The GSICA - Gruppo Scientifico Italiano di Confezionamento Alimentare (Italian Scientific Group of Food Packaging) – arises from the awareness that communication helps productivity and progress.

Technicians and researchers who, despite working in different places, read the same papers, study the same texts and probably select the same internet sites among their "favourites". If each of them were aware of what others do, earlier and better solutions to the different problems could be found. Saving time required for the selection of an analytic procedure that someone else has already found and optimized could, for instance, allow to start from an advantaged condition. To be able to discuss a problem with someone who has already faced or is about to face it, would allow both to work better and benefit of scientific methodologies to progress in the field.

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